Top 10 Zentangle Storage Ideas to Organize Your Art

Got tiles everywhere? In desk drawers? Tucked away in books? Need some creative Zentangle storage ideas? If you’re an enthusiast like me, you know how addictive creating Zentangle art can be, and how quickly the tiles pile up.

But as your collection of tiles grows, finding suitable storage solutions becomes more difficult. The right solution will depend on your priorities. Do you want to preserve artwork? Sort and organize it? Find it quickly?

Let’s talk options and explore ten practical storage ideas for all those tiles you’ve been drawing.

Accordion File Folder

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to store Zentangle tiles is by using an accordion file folder. You’ve probably already got one in your house somehehere too, so it’s budget friendly.


SKYDUE Expanding File Organizer with 8 Pockets

Accordion folders come with multiple pockets, allowing you to categorize your tiles by theme, size. Plus, they’re portable, making it easy to take your Zentangle collection with you.

Binder with Page Protectors

For those who prefer an expandable storage option, a binder with clear page protectors is a solid choice. Or dust off that old TrapperKeeper you just couldn’t let go of.


Lateefah 3 Ring Binder with 5-Tab Dividers

Slide your Zentangle tiles into plastic sleeves, and you’ll have a neat and organized way to showcase your artwork while protecting them from spills and stains.

Binders are let you add labels and dividers for easy tangle hunting later.

Decorative Boxes

Add a touch of elegance to your Zentangle storage with decorative boxes or tins if that’s your thing. Or, you know, just be fashionably practical about how you store tiles 3D tiles.


Mela Artisans Large Keepsake Box with Hinged Trellis Lid

Pretty boxes aren’t an eyesore if you have them out in the open, like in a desk or shelf. If you have a place to keep them hidden away, shoeboxes will work just fine.

3D Monet-Inspired Zentangle. Class by Holly Atwater.

Hanging File Folders

Already got a file cabinet? If you also have a large Zentangle tile collection, consider a hanging file folder system. You can hang file folders in a file cabinet. They make storage boxes for file folders too. Label each folder for easy organization by pattern, style, or date.


Blue Summit Hanging File Folders, Assorted Gem Tones – 25 Pack

Drawer Organizers

Keep your Zentangle tiles neatly organized in drawer organizers with compartments. These organizers are perfect for storing tiles of various sizes, and they fit easily into drawers or on shelves. Plus, they’re stackable, allowing you to maximize your storage space.


SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers with Inserts and Labels

Portfolio Cases

If you’re super serious about tangling or create large-format pieces, a portfolio case might be a better storage solution for your Zentangle tiles. (Think Opus or larger.)


STYLIO Zipper Padfolio Portfolio Binder Organizer

These cases are specifically designed to protect artwork during transport, keeping your tiles safe from damage or bending. Choose a portfolio case with acid-free sleeves for added protection against fading and discoloration.

Display Easels and Stands

Get creative with display stands you make yourself from wire or cardboard and showcase your favorite Zentangle tiles on a studio shelf, adding a unique touch to your home decor.


HENABLE 6PCS Premium Black Iron Plate Stands for Display 4 Inch

You can also find cute stands and easels to display your favorite tiles or keep them from getting smudged while they dry.

Ziplock Bags

For a budget-friendly storage option, consider storing your Zentangle tiles in labeled ziplock bags. They’re transparent, allowing you to see your artwork at a glance, and they’ll keep you from spilling tea all over your art too.


Ziplock-Bags, Variety Pack, 347 Bags Total

Digital Storage

Scan your tiles and store them digitally on your computer, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Digital storage saves space and provides backup protection for your artwork. Plus, you can easily share your creations with friends and fellow Zentangle enthusiasts on social media.


UnionSine 500GB Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive USB3.0 HDD Storage

With these ten Zentangle storage ideas, you can keep your artwork safe, organized, and easily accessible. How do you organize your finished tiles?

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