A Novel Way to Read a Novel: Chapter by Chapter on The Huff Post

A Guest Post By Claudia Ricci

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Last month, my new novel, Seeing Red, became the first novel ever to be serialized on the Huffington Post. It’s an exciting experiment in digital publishing, and like any experiment, it remains to be seen if it will succeed.

Serializing novels isn’t new. Way back in the 19th century, many authors – Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain among them — serialized their books in weekly or monthly magazines, and readers would line up to buy the next installments of the stories.

But that was the old days, when there wasn’t much to read. Today, readers are swamped with reading options. Do they really need one more? It’s not clear. But as I’ve been hearing from readers who are writing in with comments, serial installments spark interest in a book. Serialization also appeals to writers who are trying to get their work out into the world for others to see.

Reader reaction to Seeing Red – in both print and on-line formats — has been very favorable, and recently, a couple of newspaper articles have helped to focus attention on my online experiment.

Interviewing me for one of those articles, Amanda Korman of The Berkshire Eagle, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, posed a question that got me thinking.

“How will you know if it is successful?” she asked. Great question!

I thought for a moment and then I told her that the logical answer would be that readership of the novel would be gigantic and that I’d sell a million copies of the book.


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