Just Another Elysian Sidetrip

Just Another Elysian Sidetrip. Sirena West. 2003. 1st Books.

In the novel Just Another Elysian Sidetripauthor Sirena West tells the story of the talented and beautiful Tasha Felding. Tasha and her three roommates—Dawn, Elizabeth, and Miranda—ruled the campus of their liberal arts college four for years and seemed destined to live out charmed lives. But something happens before the girls graduate that changes things.

For the next two decades Tasha continues along her journey, fulfilling the roles of mother and wife. But through the years she continues to think about  how she can undo the damage done two decades earlier. Just before her 20th college reunion, Tasha sets out to absolve her college roommate.

Unfortunately for this self-published author, most readers are going to find it very difficult to get past the first few pages of Sidetrip. First, the font choice is a major distraction. Written in Courier New (or something very similar), the print feels big and clumsy. It is reminiscent of the college Freshman trying to fake her way from twelve to twenty pages by using the largest, fattest font available.

The second issue I have with the book is that it contains an unacceptable amount of typos and errors—a period where a comma should be (page 6), a missing letter (page 7), ‘me’ instead of ‘mean’ (page 8), just to name a few.

As a professional editor, I may be more sensitive to these kinds of mistakes than your average bibliophile. However, readers looking for a quick and pleasurable read are hardly going to be thrilled when they find they must stumble their way through so many careless mistakes.


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