I’m no extreme couponer, but I do like to get something for nothing every now and again. This little collection of freebies for writers is my way of saying thanks for a great year in 2011 without handing you baked treats that will wreck your new diet. If you know of other free stuff on the internet for writers, please tell us about them in the comments.


  • Writers and Writers-2 are lists I curate on Twitter. Follow them to connect with other writers (and the occasional agent, publisher, editor or literary organization.) The only reason I created two lists is that I ran out of room in the first one. Stupid limits. I’m sure eventually I’ll have a Writers-3 to share.
  • SheWrites is a free social networking site for writers set up on a Ning platform. To be honest, it’s packed pretty heavily with literary/author types of writers at the moment, but there is still plenty of valuable information freelancers can cull from member posts. If you go, friend me.
  • Follow writers on Google+. For that matter, follow whatever shared Google+ circles float your boat. Have you seen this list? Follow writers, authors, aspiring writers, romance authors, screenwriters, science fiction writers, NaNoWriMoers. I mean, seriously? If you’re one of those people complaining that Google+ is nothing but dead air, you’re not doing it right. P.S. You can find and follow me here.


  • Revive Your Inbox, a 21-day program to promote better email skills and habits and help you organize your inbox. This is run by Baydin, the people who do Boomerang for Gmail. By the way, Boomerang is another freebie (as long as you stick with the free version) that you might want to check out. I use the free version for scheduling my own emails.
  • Free, self-paced online fiction writing course hosted by The Open University.
  • Use the free keyword density analyzer from All Freelance Writing if you’re working on search-friendly content for your clients—because math is fun, but not that fun.


  • AP Style Quiz. This quiz ran during Writer’s Week and continues to be a popular post on the blog. Go ahead, test your AP skills.
  • 100 Ways to Find Ideas for Your Blog Posts  (Kindle eBook, free at time of posting.)
  • Invoice up to three clients for free and track income and expenses with Freshbooks (affiliate link). Good for newbies, part-timers or those looking a free trial before they buy.

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