That’s a screen capture of the comment Keith Ogorek (Global Marketing Director at Author Solutions, the company that owns iUniverse and several other self-publishing companies) left over the weekend on iUniverse Complaints: Interview with Lawrence Fisher. Isn’t that cute. He wants me to be “fair” and toss some interview questions his way.

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Hahaha, No

I’ll give him this: it takes gall to pretend that interviewing him will benefit my readers or resemble anything even remotely close to fairness.

My purpose is to showcase real customers’ stories about iUniverse, not give the company free publicity and a chance to keep spinning tales. Their employee’s deceitful attempts to get free book reviews from me is what prompted me to fight on behalf of indie authors in the first place. And they’ve already sucked the Suess’s Pieces free publicity bottle dry.

If they want to keep lying, they can do it on their own websites and blogs. I’ll be damned if I invite them to do it here.

Fair is refunding the people you’ve hosed, iUniverse.

Fair is delivering the products and services you promise to writers without half-assing, shortcutting, and bullshitting people out of their money.

iUniverse Complaints Campaign Update

My campaign against iUniverse has garnered some attention from the iUniverse people, but so far they have failed to deliver the refund they promised to Lawrence Fisher. Instead Keith Ogorek continues to post comments on this blog and on Lawrence Fisher’s blog.

That’s not going to cut it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing another interview with a writer and former iUniverse customer, Joan Moran.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank those of you who are supporting these indie authors, especially the writers at who have shared these posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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