Author Solutions AdWords Scam Discovered

The folks at iUniverse and Author Solutions are being called out again. Only this time playwright Ian Walker discovers that an Author Solutions AdWords scam is part of their shenanigans. iUniverse sends a 20-page excerpt of Walker’s work to Google Books, and a finger-pointing game ensues as Walker discovers an AdWords campaign for his book. Once again, someone is pocketing the author’s cash, but of course it isn’t the author.

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If you have any interest at all in self-publishing, you should watch this video in its entirety. It’s well-articulated, it’s smart, and it’s just one more reason not to trust Bertram Capital, Author Solutions, Gene Hopkins or Kevin Weiss.


From the YouTube description:

“Back in 2010 I discovered that Google Books—in cahoots with my publisher Author Solutions / iUniverse—was raising revenue on one of my books in secret.”

Author Solutions and iUniverse Complaints Index

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