One More Reason to Stay the Hell Away From iUniverse

I know! Like you needed one of more reasons to stay the hell away from iUniverse, right?

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What you’ll find below is my first iUniverse-related hate mail. For the record, I have no way of verifying that this email, sent via my contact submission form, was indeed written by the author. After all, I know of at least two times Author Solutions people came to my blog and left comments pretending to be authors.

That said, I think it is genuine. And at any rate, with even a 1% chance that it was written by the actual author, I removed the contents of the review. What iUniverse did to her was way worse than what they did to me.

For what it’s worth, my opinion of the work hasn’t changed. I am sorry the review hurt the author, but it was and is my opinion as a reader. I say this to ALL authors, not just the one in question: If you can’t handle reviews, don’t ask for them. If you didn’t want reviews in the first place, fire the people requesting them for you.

If you care to know more about my response to her accusations, it’s already in this blog. The story hasn’t changed. Happy reading … if you’ve got the time.

I would like to draw special attention to one thing she writes for the benefit of any other author considering using iUniverse (or any of the scads of other Author Solutions brands):

“yes I was set up and I didn’t know you were approached to review my book”

If you need more reasons to avoid these companies, I recommend reading through the full list of iUniverse complaints.

Name: [redacted]


Comments: Emily, I waited a year to let you know how cruel and vicious you are and your pathetic apology about your ex-husband setting you you up with reviewing iUniverse authors is also a half-baked attempt of clearing your conscience. I don’t know where to begin maybe it was your your pre-prejudiced crucifixion of my book…before you even read it, then getting your syncophants to agree with you is even more reprehensible I hope you find some typos so you can feel morally superior … I published through a traditional publsher a very popular interior design book several years ago. I taught brain damaged deaf children for ten years and even had my hero in [title redacted] overcome a stutter but no you just focused on the length of my book…and by the way there are a lot of classic books that are of the same length as mine, and the inconsistent Boston accent of a character. When did you ever publish a book? You get off by tearing down people to make yourself feel superior. How you decimated your relationship with [She uses the full name of my asshat ex-husband here. If you want to know what it is, email me.] on your blog for over two years is pretty disgusting but it did get you a faithful following of malcontents ..misery loves company. I digress yes I was set up and I didn’t know you were approached to review my book. Kf I had known I would never have given my permission since I wouldn’t have been impressed with your credentials in being a self-annointed book reviewer and then you having the audacity to charge people money* for your condescending insults. It’s one thing to offer constructive criticism but shame on you to voice your toxic opinions and to declare my book as polluting the the universe is utterly reprehensible and hate filled aside from being libelus. You don’t even deserve this e-mail and I can already hear your mind at work on how to get even with me when it is you who should apologize and even retract my review which I know you’ll never do because you are never wrong. Here’s to you and your lack of conscience. Instead of wondering what the consequences are to your actions and what your toxicity does to people maybe you should think about what if your church members knew how you mistreat people all in the name of Emily Suess’s sanctimonious and holier than thou attitude. You should be ashamed of yourself and take a long hard look at your actions and philosophy of life.

*To date no one has paid me a cent to review a book, certainly not iUniverse or any author. If iUniverse charged you a fee for my review, I recommend you sue them and then tell the whole world about it.

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