iUniverse Difficult and Unworthy Publisher

You’ve probably heard this story before, but you haven’t heard it from Lawson Brooks III, author of From the Waist Up. Like the other authors I’ve interviewed, he published with iUniverse and is left with nothing positive to say about the company. He says IUniverse is a difficult and unworthy conpany.

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In his own words:

“I had a book published by iUniverse that I’m going to relaunch in the fall for my own publishing company.  iUniverse has been a difficult and unworthy partner from the outset.

First, once your manuscript is submitted, rather than being able to access the PDF document to make changes, I had to by blocks of 25 edits for $100 to make changes.  And if a mistake was made by a staff member, I didn’t get any refunds or additional edits.

Secondly, from the time I signed the initial contract which was the [least expensive package], the up-selling was on.  I got calls and emails telling me that for x number of dollars they could do wonders with my book, although I knew the marketing person had not read it.  More over, with my book costing $16.99, the best discount that I got to buy my book was at 55%, and then I had to by such a volume that the costs were prohibitive.

Finally, as I stated, after staying low key for the required 18 months*, I’m going to re-launch my book under my own company.  Now iUniverse wants me to buy both my PDF and Cover for a fee although I paid for these services up front.”

*Lawson is referring to Schedule A, Section 9 of the contract, which says that production files will be given back to the author for a fee of $750 before 18 months have elapsed and $150 after 18 months have elapsed. So, basically, they rob you to make the files by charging exorbitant prices, and then—if you want to take your book and go home—they rob you again by making you pay for a PDF they already created. (This is the crux of Joan Moran’s iUniverse complaint.)

Not surprisingly, they provided for themselves Section 18, which states: “upon giving thirty (30) days advance written notice, PUBLISHER may terminate publication of the WORK without cause, at which point the rights to the WORK immediately revert to AUTHOR (emphasis mine).”

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