Writers’ Week 2012 FAQ

When is Writers’ Week 2012?

Writers’ Week is an annual event on Suess’s Pieces. This year, it takes place Monday, September 10 through Friday, September 14, and the theme is self-publishing.

Why should I attend Writers’ Week?

  • It’s free!
  • Writers’ Week gives you the chance to learn from writing and publishing pros.
  • The Writers’ Week self-publishing directory will connect writers with other industry talent from editors and marketers to illustrators and cover designers.
  • There’s a fun writing contest for bloggers. You can win stuff.
  • Social media events give you the chance to network with certifiable word nerds just like you.

Who runs Writers’ Week?

Officially, Writers’ Week is coordinated by me, Emily Suess. But I don’t do it all alone. Many volunteers donate their time and talents. This year four gracious writers have donated a collaborative short story to benefit Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, several experts have written guest posts for the event, and two judges have given up their free time to help judge the writing contest entries.

What’s on the schedule for this year’s event?

An official schedule with specific dates and times will be announced closer to Writers’ Week. For now, here are some schedule highlights:

  • The hella fun Writers’ Week writing contest kicks off on Monday, September 10.
  • For $1 you’ll be able to purchase a digital copy of the short story “Ten Mississippi” by Johann Thorsson, Len Berry, Claire Ryan and Rachel Brody and edited by Emily Suess. All proceeds will benefit the kids at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.*
  • There will be giveaways every day of the week.
  • During the Twitter chat, you can share your self-publishing tips and tricks and get your burning questions answered.

Who can enter the writing contest?

Anyone. The contest will include a number of prompts to choose from, but I leave the genre wide open. You can write an essay, a blog post, a short story, a poem, an open letter — anything. If you think of yourself as a blogger but not a writer, get over it. Enter the contest.

What is the Writers’ Week Round-Robin Short Story?

One day I asked the fine people of Twitter if anyone would be interested in volunteering to write part of a round-robin short story for charity. Four writers from three different countries said, “I will!” Each of them agreed to take a section of the story for about two weeks, write what they could, and then send it on to the next writer in line. If I gush about these people, it’s because they are some of the most generous and giving people I’ve never met in real life. Their story will well sell for $1 and all the proceeds will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Will there be prizes?

Yes, I’m still getting the details all worked out, but you can probably expect PayPal cash or giftcards for the winners of the writing contest. Also, I’m working out the particulars with the fine folks at Literature & Latte—they’ve donated a couple of copies of Scrivener writing software. (Woohoo!) There will also be daily book and goodie giveaways, you know, if entering the writing contest isn’t your thing but you still want cool stuff.

Can I volunteer to help with Writers’ Week?

Of course! If you’d like to help, contact me with your idea.

Can I advertise during Writers’ Week?

You can include your business in the Self-Publishing Services Directory if your company helps authors through any part of the self-publishing process (marketing, design, editing, formatting, illustration, etc). It’s free to advertise in the directory as long as you submit your listing by August 31, 2012. Starting September 1, entries will cost $3.

The only other way to advertise your business is to contribute in some way — write a guest post, donate a prize, volunteer as a judge. In exchange for your service to our community of writers, I’ll help you promote your business or personal site in several ways: sidebar links, content links, and social media sharing. Contact me by September 1, 2012 if you’re interested in contributing in some way.

*At the end of Writers’ Week, I run (jog? walk-jog?) the annual Al’s Run 8k in Milwaukee, WI. Rather than collect traditional sponsorship donations this year, the sale of “Ten Mississippi” will help me fundraise for the event.



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