We’re doing something new for Writers’ Week this year. We’re selling a short story to benefit the kids at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The story costs $1.39 and is available formatted for Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader. You can also purchase a standard PDF to read on your computer or tablet or to print and read as a hard copy.

So where is the money going?

Well, PayPal is going to get it’s cut first. If you buy the short story at the standard price, that means about $.34 cents is PayPal’s and the remaining $1.05 goes to Children’s Hospital. No one involved with the project is taking a cut. This is entirely a volunteer effort.

If you’d like to donate more than a dollar, you have the option to change the price at checkout and add an additional donation. If you do that, whatever additional amount you donate (less the PayPal fees) goes to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

If for some reason you don’t want the short story or you just prefer to give directly to the hospital, you can donate online at the CHW website.

  “Ten Mississippi”

By Len Berry, Rachel Lynn Brody, Claire Ryan and Johann Thorsson

When Sebastian dares Tommy to knock on the door of a haunted house, Tommy is determined to impress the pretty new girl from school, Jo, and wait a full ten Mississippis on the front porch. While he waits, Tommy hears a strange voice coming from inside the house and decides it’s time to run. But Razor, the neighbor’s vicious dog, escapes chasing the trio inside the haunted house and forcing them to investigate.         for Kindle (.mobi) Add to Cart   for Nook (.ePub) Add to Cart   for computers and tablets (.PDF) Add to Cart     View Cart

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