In Review Part 3: Mediabistro’s Ad Copywriting Certificate

Just a quick update this week. Why? Because Christmas.

Last Wednesday, we had our second online discussion covering Week 2’s assignments for the ad copywriting course I’m taking as part of Mediabistro’s Ad Copywriting Certificate. Fewer than half a dozen students stuck around for the full hour, and the majority of the time it was just four of us and the instructor. As with any course—in-person or online—you’re going to have some scheduling conflicts. So it’s not surprising that we were short a few enrollees this time around, but with an already small class the decline in participation had a definite impact on the discussion.

If I’m honest, I’m not really digging the discussions anyway. There’s a lot going on when it comes to the homework. Then, with all of us working on completely unrelated projects, I feel split in a thousand directions at once despite taking each student’s projects one at a time. I refuse to print out everyone’s assignments to have them in front of me, so I end up trying to juggle half a dozen open documents in both Word and Acrobat on my laptop. Plus there’s the open browser window with the actual discussion going on. My monitor just doesn’t have enough real estate. Anyway, brainstorming for someone else’s project on the spot is not one of my strongest suits. I’m a muller. I need time to mull.

From a technology standpoint, the discussion was awkward for me this week too. The instructor would say something and about 3 seconds later, I’d hear it. Not sure what was causing the lag—could be something on my end—but it wasn’t ideal.

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Emily paid the full price for enrollment in’s Ad Copywriting Certificate program and is not being compensated in any way for her reviews.

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