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I know many of you are interested in getting continuing news about Author Solutions, so I’m pointing you in the direction of David Gaughran’s blog Let’s Get Digital today. He invited me to write a guest post in light of recent news that Author Solutions will be operating yet another self-publishing company, Partridge. Partridge is Penguin’s new self-pub brand for India.

If you hop over there you’ll also have a chance to read about Leah, an author who was saved by a caring internet from very nearly publishing with Author House. Read the post “Penguin’s Solution for Authors: One Racket To Rule Them All.”

This Week in Self-Publishing: Back Matter, iBooks, and Sexting

Buy the book, the author sends you a dirty text. Rawwwwr? Additional questions: Is one message, you know, enough? Does everybody get the same sext? Is it multimedia?

“Sexting, the fine art of sending dirty messages to your lover, has landed a few celebrities in hot water. But one novelist will send all his faithful readers a sext on Valentine’s Day.”

Pre-Order a Novel, Get a Valentine’s Day Sext from the Author
on GalleyCat

Calling out Michael Pietsch, future Hatchette CEO, for suggesting that the reason authors choose traditional publishing routes is the marketing.

“According to a survey of nearly 5,000 authors conducted by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, the No. 1 and No. 2 reasons that authors decide to go with a traditional publishers (sic) are ‘wide distribution’ and ‘distribution into bookstores,’ respectively.”

Why Do Authors Choose Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?
on Digital Book World

Will it work? Apple’s decision to feature self-published authors on iBooks is clearly designed to steal Amazon’s thunder.

“Apple is going after the self-publishing crowd in an effort to loosen Amazon’s grip on the e-book market, but it has some catching up to do.”

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book Authors
on MacNewsWorld

Don’t forget your current book is a marketing tool for your next book. David Gaughran talks email address collection and email marketing providers.

“The basic components of effective back-matter are fairly straightforward: blurbs for and/or links to your other books, links to whatever social media presence you have, a short note requesting reviews, and, most important of all, a link to your New Release Mailing List.”

The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Wins
on Let’s Get Digital

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