Buy the book, the author sends you a dirty text. Rawwwwr? Additional questions: Is one message, you know, enough? Does everybody get the same sext? Is it multimedia?

“Sexting, the fine art of sending dirty messages to your lover, has landed a few celebrities in hot water. But one novelist will send all his faithful readers a sext on Valentine’s Day.”

Pre-Order a Novel, Get a Valentine’s Day Sext from the Author
on GalleyCat

Calling out Michael Pietsch, future Hatchette CEO, for suggesting that the reason authors choose traditional publishing routes is the marketing.

“According to a survey of nearly 5,000 authors conducted by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, the No. 1 and No. 2 reasons that authors decide to go with a traditional publishers (sic) are ‘wide distribution’ and ‘distribution into bookstores,’ respectively.”

Why Do Authors Choose Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?
on Digital Book World

Will it work? Apple’s decision to feature self-published authors on iBooks is clearly designed to steal Amazon’s thunder.

“Apple is going after the self-publishing crowd in an effort to loosen Amazon’s grip on the e-book market, but it has some catching up to do.”

Apple Opens Its Arms to Self-Publishing E-Book Authors
on MacNewsWorld

Don’t forget your current book is a marketing tool for your next book. David Gaughran talks email address collection and email marketing providers.

“The basic components of effective back-matter are fairly straightforward: blurbs for and/or links to your other books, links to whatever social media presence you have, a short note requesting reviews, and, most important of all, a link to your New Release Mailing List.”

The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Wins
on Let’s Get Digital

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