Resources for Getting Your Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

Resources for Getting Your Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

It’s gray and soggy here in Urbana today. I wrapped up work a little bit ago, and I was barely able to lift my butt out of my desk chair. Fibromyalgia’s pain and stiffness are intensified by about a bajillion when icky weather settles in.

I wish I had my card.

But since I don’t yet, the next best thing is to do whatever small bit I can to help other people get theirs. So, here we go…

Medical Cannabis Outreach

This is the group helping me get all my ducks in a row. If you have questions about the Illinois Compassionate Use of Marijuana Pilot Program, would like information about the medical benefits of THC and CBD, want help preparing your application, or need assistance at any step of the process, talk to these people. They are friendly and knowledgeable. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Salveo Health and Wellness

I don’t know much about much yet when it comes to marijuana, medical or otherwise. So I’ve been asking people for their opinions. This dispensary was recommended to me by another patient who already has his card. He said it’s worth the drive for better prices and selection. Plus the people here are great at answering any questions you might have. You can find Salveo Heath and Wellness on Facebook too.

Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Illinois

If that’s too far to drive, you can purchase cannabis at any licensed dispensary in Illinois. (Note: you have to choose a dispensary as part of the application process.) As the program expands, more are likely to be added to this list. Check with the Illinois Department of Public Health to make sure you have the most recent list.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program

You can apply through the State’s website on your own if you like. You can also see which conditions qualify for the medical cannabis program, locate fingerprint vendors, and get information on fees, among other things.

Find a Doctor: Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois

Having trouble finding a doctor in Illinois who isn’t anti-cannabis? Type in your zip code and search.

Medical Cannabis Alliance of Illinois Website

This Springfield-based Advocacy group makes it easy for you to contact the Governor and other elected officials, gives you tips for talking to your doctor about the medical cannabis pilot program in Illinois, provides resources for patients and physicians, and even has helpful infographics you can read and share.

Cannabis Patient Advocacy Coalition

CPAC is a “patient advocacy group committed to making medical cannabis an acceptable and accessible treatment option for Illinois patients.” Read about current barriers to care, sign the petition, reach out to lawmakers, and join the coalition.

If you’d like to see a resource added to this page, let me know in the comments!

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