#MedicalMarijuana in the News: August 26

Here are medical marijuana headlines for the week ending August 26, 2016.


Could Medical Cannabis Break the Painkiller Epidemic?

Jeremy Hsu at Scientific American writes that a 2014 study revealed that between 1999 and 2010, medical marijuana states averaged nearly 25 percent fewer annual opioid overdose deaths than states where cannabis was illegal.

Sounds like a damn good reason to open the research floodgates if you ask me.

Medical Marijuana Appears More Effective for Relieving Men from Pain Than Women

“Pre-clinical evidence has suggested that the experience of pain relief from cannabis-related products may vary between sexes, but no studies have been done to see if this is true in humans.”

Another call for more research. Let’s remove the barriers, mkay?

Judge Denies Request to Delay Medical Marijuana Restrictions

There’s ridiculousness afoot in Montana. After August 31, medical marijuana providers will be barred from selling the drug to more than three patients.

What the fucking hell? Do they also bar Walgreen’s from selling Percocet to more than three patients? Makes you think that marijuana is the ugly, red-headed stepchild of drugs because it doesn’t put money in the hands of the “worthy” people.

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association is urging supporters to focus on passing ballot initiative 182 that would roll back the restrictions.

Medical Marijuana Aids Vietnam War Veteran

David Lewis urges his fellow Montanans to vote yes on Initiative 182 (I-182), which would remove the three-patient limit on dispensaries and give him barrier-free access to the medical marijuana he needs.

As he explains:

“During my last hospital stay, they assigned a pain team to me with the hope that they would find a medication for pain management. Unfortunately, I was allergic to every painkiller except medical marijuana. Since then, my only means of controlling my pain is medical cannabis and ibuprofen.”

If there was one thing I’d want lawmakers and anti-MMJ citizens to consider, it’d be that we’re not talking about imaginary use cases and hypotheticals. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE. And this particular one is a Vietnam Veteran.

‘Medical-grade Marijuana’ Won’t Get You High

More ridiculousness, but this time from proponents.

PolitiFact examines the following claim from Kim McCray, outreach director for United for Care:

“What is also important to know is that although some debilitated patients may require higher levels of THC than others based on their specific medical condition, medical-grade marijuana alone, will not get that patient ‘high,’ no matter what level of THC, CBD or any other compound is found in the plant.

Lies and absurdity don’t help the people who need medical cannabis. It’s not a miracle cure for every disease known to man. And while medical-grade marijuana is better regulated than the stuff you might buy on the sidelines at your kid’s next soccer game, it is still marijuana.

Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how marijuana affects you.

Britain’s National Health Service Tests Medical Cannabis Vaporizer

“Cannabis legalization in Britain has seemingly progressed as of late, thanks to the first ever scheduled testing of a marijuana product by the National Health Service. The Independent reports that the product is a CBD vaporizer called MediPen.”

Medical Marijuana Petition Garners Enough Signatures to Make Ballot

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced State Question 788 has enough signatures to be put on the November ballot. “The secretary of state’s office counted 67,761 signatures, only 65,987 are required.”

Hoosier Veteran Says It’s Time Indiana Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Citing VA Prescribing Practices

Jeff Stoker, an Indiana Marine veteran, launches non-profit Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis to urge Indiana lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana. This comes in response to criticism that the VA has a reputation for prescribing too many pills, which have led to overdose for one Anderson, IN veteran.

537 Plants Seized in Medical Marijuana Sting

There are certainly some kinks to work out as states allow for recreational and medical marijuana use, but 537 plants and outstanding warrants pretty clearly puts you at odds with current laws in Colorado.

“Under the recreational provision to Colorado’s constitution, adults over 21 years old can grow and possess up to six marijuana plants. But the medical side is a little hazier, with language allowing for an amount of marijuana that’s ‘medically necessary.'”

Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules That Smoking Pot is a Fundamental Human Right

I love this headline from The Washington Post, but you should definitely read the whole article.

“While the ruling does not mean that marijuana is now legal in the country — it only applies to the four plaintiffs in this specific case — it gives a tremendous amount of political space for lawmakers to introduce marijuana reform bills at the state and federal level in Mexico.”

Cannabis, Opioids, and Big Pharma: What it Means for Pharma Sales Reps

MedReps.com talks about Medical Marijuana’s impact on the industry. The writing’s on the wall, I do believe. And the big question as we move forward is going to be, Who’s the government going to left profit from medical marijuana?

“The journal Health Affairs found that over a year’s time, these medical marijuana states prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants, 486 fewer doses of seizure medication, 541 fewer anti-nausea doses, 562 fewer doses of anti-anxiety medication, and a staggering 1,826 fewer doses of painkillers.”