I’m taking a break from work to browse Amazon for cervical collars. I really have no idea whether one of these would actually be helpful, but I feel like I need something to hold my head up for me. My musculoskeletal system is clearly not up to the challenge, and Dan assures me that no doctor would agree to put me in a halo brace.

Rather than re-write the horrors of this weekend, I’ll share a screenshot from a Facebook update to fill you in:


Heading into the long weekend, I was optimistic that four consecutive days off would give me time to recharge. What a fucking disappointment reality turned out to be. Sunday night the pain was so bad I was in tears. That’s when I finally decided to take 20mg of nortriptyline.

Taking 20mg is totally OK, by the way. Dr Gastroâ„¢ prescribed 30mg for my IBS and help sleeping, but I usually just take 10mg because more makes me too sleepy to function the next day. However, if I’m suffering and don’t need to brain much the next day, I will let myself take 20mg.

As pain treatments go, it’s not ideal. I mean, it doesn’t relieve the pain so much as make me unaware of it. For 8 to 10 hours I’m drugged and oblivious. I can’t not sleep. That’s why I only take it at night before bed. Daytime pain relief is currently not available to me.


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