Got My Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

illinois-medical-cannabis-cardIt’s here! My Illinois medical marijuana card is here!

I went to the Medical Cannabis Outreach mobile clinic on August 13, 2016 for help with my application and fingerprinting, and I received my card in the mail on September 26, 2016.

That’s 44 days from start to finish.

I am relieved that marijuana is now available to me, particularly after fighting through some very difficult days in the past couple of weeks.

The plan is to write about my experiences, which promise to be enlightening. You see, not only will I be able to write about them from a patient perspective, but also as a new user.

That’s right, folks. Aside from a couple of contact highs in college, I have absolutely no experience with recreational marijuana. That’s because when I was growing up about all you could do was smoke the stuff, and that didn’t appeal to me. (For better or worse, no one ever offered me a brownie.)

Also, I had a very real fear of Satan, demon possession, jail and criminal records. So, yeah.

Anyway, my hope is that writing about using medical marijuana to treat my fibromyalgia will accomplish two things: 1.) opening a patient-to-patient dialogue that helps me and others discover what works, and 2.) showing non-patients on the fence about medical marijuana that it’s not something to fear.

Please feel free to use the comments section of any post or my contact form to ask questions along the way.

UPDATE: It wasn’t fibromyalgia. It’s a brain tumor.




  1. Hello Emily…we sent in our cannabis card applications July 5 and called il dept of health today. The lady told me they are behind and still working on applications from beginning of June…so more than 1.5 months behind, and yet stilll to get to processing our application. Since it takes 45 days to process, looking at 3 months to process. This is terrible being that I have a wife fighting cancer and in real need of it. Really glad u got yours much quicker. Looks like things have vastly changed since one year ago. Have to pray to God for healing and hurrying card along… thanks for starting this blog!

    1. I’m a member of a Facebook group where people have been talking about how long it’s currently taking the State of Illinois to process cards. I feel lucky that at the time I applied things were pretty much on schedule. I hope they are able to get their ducks in a row soon so patients don’t have to keep waiting for such long periods to get the relief they need! Wishing the best for you and your wife.

  2. It’s the craziest, most serendipitous thing ever, that I came across your blog – and hence, this post. As I’m a WP Engine affiliate, I wanted to research what business sites which use their services look like; Google to the rescue! Carol Tice (“Make a Living Writing” was my first link, and it was there that I found you. All thoughts of my original intentions flew out the window when I clicked through to here.

    Back to the reason for my comment…

    My husband was previously married, for 22 years; his wife was stricken with fibromyalgia from a relatively young age. As a RN, you can only imagine how her career suffered – but she pushed through and masked her pain the best that she could, her dedication as a caregiver at an elder care facility fueling her determination. Her children have told me that, even when she got home of the evening, she never let herself succumb to the debilitating effects of fibro…but they could see her intense pain and discomfort.

    We were teenagers at the onset of the hippie, “Flower Child” era, when having even the smallest amount of marijuana would lead to a significant stint in jail or prison (not that it stopped most who imbibed!!). I can remember the outcry when a television personality first started fighting for recognition of marijuana for glaucoma patients. I also remember that his fight took root with those who suffered. But yes, the “threat” of Satan, possession (pun intended!), hell fire and jail kept me out of danger, as well!

    My point is that, although I personally disapprove of the ABUSIVE recreational use of marijuana or any other drug, just as I do for alcohol abuse, I have also studied science behind natural, plant based medicine since I was young, a time span of a little over a half century. I had no idea that marijuana could be useful for such a condition of fibro, although it really shouldn’t surprise me.

    I’m pleased for you that you have received your MM card and I hope that the use of cannabis will save you from the kind of pain that Sandy, my husband’s late wife, suffered for so many years. Use it well and please be sure to keep us posted ultra-regularly as to its efficacy.

    All the best, and now, back to my original search!!

    Pearl Kirkby

    1. I’m glad you found me and shared your thoughts! I’ve noticed that a lot of people are pushing for patients to have access to medical marijuana, and I hope that this option is eventually legal in every state–with doctors and patients having the freedom to choose the best treatment options. I will be posting soon about using medical cannabis to treat my pain, and I know there will be a lot more to discuss along the way. Hope you’ll come back and check it out!

      1. I think a lot of people are confusing medical access with legalization, and the panic begins!

        And I do so wish you the best of luck and hope that nature’s own will help you where other methods have not. I will certainly keep up with your progress 🙂

      2. Full disclosure: I do think it should be as legal as alcohol, but patients first — that is most important. I agree that abuse of alcohol & marijuana are bad things, but feel strongly as adults it should be our life to live and our choice to make. The consequences of prohibition & the war on drugs have been dire. I fully respect anyone and everyone who abstains though. Just because one can doesn’t mean one should.

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