February 7, 8:42 pm

Spinal fluid results are mostly complete and everything so far looks good. Only waiting for cytoma(?) testing to finish. (I’m on pain meds, I might not have the words right.)

PET scan results show the tumor is slow-growing and there aren’t more tumors in the rest of my body. Still in line for one more MRI to chart a course for the biopsy needle. Then biopsy Thurs or Friday.

The doctor is super impressed with how my strength has improved on The Mother of All Steroids, and is adding a new med to protect my tummy from it. He said it’s like prednisone times 7.

I’m so tired, but Dan has promised to update on some of my med details. Harass him if you don’t see a post. 😉

Love you all. G’nite.

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