Note: I’m not Emily. (Full disclosure, I’m a different person entirely.) But she asked me to share some of her recent Facebook posts to this blog. I’ll be doing so, in sequence. The reason for this will probably be immediately apparent. There are a good number of posts to share, so keep checking back.  Anyway, that’s all. Everything that follows is straight from Emily.


No delicate way to drop this news: I have a brain stem tumor. I don’t have details to share, lots of doctors examining and contemplating best course of action. I’m in good hands at this hospital. Dan is here, being my rock and like the best husband in the history of husbands.

Steroids and painkillers have me feeling pretty good this evening. Watching a Harry Potter marathon with Dan. Hug your people–and no matter who you are, take women seriously when they say they’re in pain, goddammit. That’s my PSA.

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