Omg, I slept so well last night. Norco is amazeballs, but so are the steroids. I stood by myself at the sink with a manual toothbrush for like 4 minutes without having to lean or sit on anything! I know the seriousness of my situation, but am overjoyed to feel like myself after all this time. It’s been so long!

My team of like a bazillion doctors is being very thorough. More bloodwork, MRIs expected, and they’re still working to rule out any potential other issues (like MS). Spinal tap being tossed out there as a possibility, but no definite determination on that yet.

Radiation is definitely in my future, whether as an admitted patient or outpatient hasn’t been decided.

A biopsy of the tumor is also being discussed. Would help determine treatment course, but also carries some risks because of location.

I will update when I can. Lots of stuff I’d like to write about, but also hard to do for many reasons. Know that I read all of your comments and messages and they are so appreciated. If I am slow to reply or don’t respond, you know why. But I read EVERYTHING.

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