Today was hard. They wheeled me down to neuro surgery, where I was nervous about a spinal tap, only to cancel it because of risk. So I sat on my hospital bed and cried while people stared. Don’t get me wrong, staff was super warm & comforting, but every time someone said something encouraging, I just blubbered.

I wasn’t allowed food until dinner, because of my PET scan prep. And my hangry also made me extra emotional. Things are better now though. I am fed and had visits from Dan, parents, SIl and SILs good friend who works here.

And the PET scan results should give us more details about the possibility of more tumors/locations. Of course I hope it’s just the one tumor, but it’s better to know than not know.

Looks like tomorrow I will have yet another brain MRI as they prepare to make a biopsy plan–biopsy itself possibly slated for Thursday. Doctors seem confident they can do it safely.

My lumbar MRI result came back and is clear, so that’s something to celebrate tonight.

I’ll try to fill you all in more tomorrow–should be a less trying day. I owe so many of you thanks for making this whole ordeal a little more bearable.

Love you all.

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