Some housekeeping updates:

Anything I post here related to my health is fair game to share with others who might be interested. That’s why I’ve set these posts to public. Most of you know I’ve been an open book about my health on my blog. Still the case, it’s just easier right now for me to post to facebook. Caring Bridge and blog cross posts may happen too. Maybe.

Several have asked about a GoFundMe. That will be happening eventually. In the meantime, feel free to donate through FB or PayPal to When we have a better picture of things, I can be a little more transparent about a goal. For now, know that I am insured and have about 60-days of short-term disability insurance left (thank God I took advantage of that benefit option). If I go beyond that, it may mean insurance premiums have to be paid out of pocket through COBRA or something. That’s too far ahead for me to think about clearly yet. My good friend Kristin Elizabeth Fink is also managing a gift card drive for gas & restaurants because she’s all kinds of awesome. You can PM her for questions and stuff.

If you can’t donate, but want to do something, just keep reading my posts. The notifications i keep getting cheer me up. You can also keep Trump et al accountable while I’m in here ignoring all things political. You know I’m dying to throw those people snark & shade. 😉

Last thing, if you want to send a card, you can send to me care of my parents and they will see that it gets to me no matter where I end up. I will likely be here here at Barnes Jewish for at least a couple more days, but that way nothing will get missed if they shuffle me around later in the week to a different room or something.

Emily Suess
C/o David & Joeline Suess
2525 Spyglass Ct
Edwardsville IL 62025

That’s all for now.

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