Pre-biopsy MRI complete. I went from sheer panic attack in my first one Thursday to falling asleep in one tonight around 12:30.

Neck and shoulder pain is unbearably a 7 (1-10 scale), which is funny. Because 7 was my everyday for a long time. Now 7 is a freaking flare up of epic proportions brought on by a spinal tap.

People who fight with chronic pain are all kinds of bad ass. Remember that. And having even a few moments of reduced pain can totally reset the pain scale and completely derail you.

Now hearing biopsy Thurs or maybe Monday. Guess Friday’s all booked up. Ugh. And all of this is just to determine what treatment to use. Treatment itself is like book two or something.

Imma try this sleep thing again while waiting for the nurse to say it’s time for another Norco.

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