Okay… So, I spoke to two of Emily’s doctors, and all is well. There were no surprises or anything during the surgery and she’s out, patched up and recovering.

I kind of envy her because the crippling chairs in this waiting room and the total absence of any sort Galaga or pinball machine is straight up cruel and inhumane.

Umm… Sorry about that.

Anyway, back to the tumor:

The doctors won’t have any relevant information on the genetics of the tumor for about a week, and they won’t have the complete work-up for about two-weeks. Until then, I imagine that once she recovers from the surgery, they will discharge her with some potent steroids and pain meds in a couple of days.

I think that should cover everything for now. I’ll be allowed a visit in about 15 minutes. I’ll try to find a quiet spot and update y’alls here.

Then again… Cafeteria meatloaf, bitches!

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