The Final Update!

…for today.

Emily is recovering in the ICU, and they asked me to leave until 8 and not to return until I learn to stop playing with all the pointy things.and quit making Darth Vader noises with the CPAP masks. They may tell you that they close the ICU from 6-8, but that’s a dirty freakin’ lie. I’m just not cool enough for their little party.

I thought you were cool, St. Louis.

Anyway, Emily is groggy and doped up. Her only complaint, however, was that her pain was pretty severe. But, her nurse made short work of that with a smile and a needle full of morphine.

Her doctors are surprised at how strong she is. Then again, if they give her any more steroids, she’s going to qualify for a career in major league baseball. That’s my Lil’ Slugger.

She’s doing very well. There’s no cognitive damage post-surgery. Her motor skills are fine. She’s making jokes, She remembers her name, my name, and that the Cubs won the World Series (not something you really want to go around saying here).

Next up, I’m hoping, is to get her discharged. She’s got to spend the night in the ICU since brain surgery is kind of a big deal. But, with how though she is and how well she’s doing, I think it might turn out to be a short stay.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


By the way, it was corn dog and bratwurst night tonight in the cafeteria. I really do have the unhealthiest diet whenever I am in a hospital.

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