Yesterday I was fitted with a radiation mask, met my chemo and radiation docs, and had some imaging done.

In brief, I’m slated for simultaneous chemo & radiation beginning March 8. The chemo is a decently tolerated pill that I’ll take from home. The radiation will happen daily for 5-6 weeks, except Saturdays & Sundays. Labs & doc visits once a week to keep on top of my numbers.

Surgical removal is deemed too risky because of where the tumor is located (it could mess up my autonomic processes more than they already are.)

My doc stresses this is treatable, but not curable…yet. So I’ve got a lifetime of monitoring & stuff ahead of me until science whoops some tumor ass.

For now, my job is to just keep getting stronger, recover from the brain surgery thing, and let the doctors sweat over everything else. It’s such a relief to have good doctors who care & coordinate with each other!

I have some WTF moments from time to time, but am enjoying feeling slightly human right now. Dan & I went out to eat today. It’s been forever since I’ve left the house for something so normal.

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