Month: February 2017

February 5, 8:25 pm

Wearing down, but had a great day with tons more muscle strength and visits from the fam. Also getting pet updates from my bro & SIL as they take extra special care of our critters, Boomer & Izzy. Speaking of… On...

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February 5, 9:25 am

Omg, I slept so well last night. Norco is amazeballs, but so are the steroids. I stood by myself at the sink with a manual toothbrush for like 4 minutes without having to lean or sit on anything! I know the seriousness of my...

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February 4, 9:31 pm

Note: I’m not Emily. (Full disclosure, I’m a different person entirely.) But she asked me to share some of her recent Facebook posts to this blog. I’ll be doing so, in sequence. The reason for this will...

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February 7, 8:42 pm

Spinal fluid results are mostly complete and everything so far looks good. Only waiting for cytoma(?) testing to finish. (I’m on pain meds, I might not have the words right.) PET scan results show the tumor is slow-growing...

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