Dan’s on his way to Urbana for a couple of days to take care of some things on the homestead. I am allowed to travel, but it’s just too hard. I am very sensitive to light and sound the past few days. So staying put with mom & dad and continuing to heal up after surgery.

Made an attempt to Google my tumor type last night and got kind of panicky. So I went back to playing Farm Heroes Saga. Dan went over the images with one of my docs when I was out of the room. Not quite ready for that either. There are counselors I can talk to when I’m ready. But I’m not. Yet.

Starting to have really bizarre dreams at night. Tumor? Meds? Subconscious processing reality? No idea.

Still feel better than I did before the biopsy. Which has me kind of amazed. I knew things were bad, but you kind of lose track when all the bad stuff just piles on.

Anyway, enjoying my “vacation” from doctors & treatment while I can.

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