Some Info about My Brain Tumor

If you’re up for some light reading. Mine is a grade 2 (diffuse) astrocytoma, located on my brain stem. I’m entering the “that’s fascinating” phase of my little predicament. The linked article briefly discusses Temodar, the chemo pill I am on. I am not a candidate for surgical removal of my brain stem tumor because its location makes surgery too great a risk.

I did have brain surgery already, but that was just to scrape a few cells from the tumor for genetic testing. It was for diagnosis and not treatment. My tumor has the IDH1 mutation, which improves prognosis. Yay!

Astrocytoma – NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders

Swear Word Coloring Book Therapy

Swear Word Coloring Book Therapy

I began swear word coloring therapy today! Have to take lots of breaks because of poor grip strength. Also, the marker doesn’t always land where I think I’m placing it. But if I don’t practice, it’ll only get harder to regain my dexterity. #adultcoloringbook #btsm #BrainTumorShenanigans


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