Another Round of Chemo Underway

My platelets were good enough this week (113) that I was cleared to take round 6 of chemo last night at bedtime.

I don’t feel great this morning, but I am relieved to have finally reached the halfway point of my planned treatments.

Dan went to run some errands a little bit ago and kissed my forehead before leaving. Then he scrunched up his face and got out the thermometer, pointing it at my forehead. 100.1.

Not worrisome, but it has to be watched.

Chemo always raises my temperature. That’s not listed as a side effect, but it happens reliably every time I take it.

So far this morning I have only been out of bed for bathroom breaks. I actually have less pain today than yesterday, but I am much weaker and lacking in energy. It would all be worse I’m sure, if it hadn’t been for the IV fluids I received on Monday. (It took about three weeks to get it worked out, but I finally have a standing order for fluids. Yay!)

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