Emily’s Cancer Calendar: May

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: May

May was a kick-ass month for me. I was able to give myself stickers for accomplishments on 30 of 31 days. Some days I gave myself multiple stickers—either because I seriously impressed myself or because I just felt like it was a multiple-sticker kind of day.


  • First ever trip to the Dairy Barn in Sidney, Illinois.
  • Helped Dan mow the lawn on three separate occasions.
  • Pedaled 136 miles and 496 minutes this month on the FitDesk.
  • Made lots of trips out of the house to places like Meijer, Home Depot, Schnuck’s, the Sola Gratia Farm Plant Sale, and even Taco Bell.
  • Baked cookies from scratch.
  • Hosted a garage sale (with help from my parents who visited us earlier this month).

June looks to be promising. Looking forward to it!

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