First Adventures

First Adventures

In just one more sleep, I’ll be taking my first non-doctor related road trip since…well, I’m not sure. (That’s the thing about brain surgery and chemotherapy. It tends to muddle history a bit.)

We’re headed to Milwaukee for the weekend. Dan and his twin brother are turning 50 this month, and there’s going to be a happy little surprise to-do for the both of them (which is why I won’t be publishing this until after our return). Dan’s sister-in-law is planning the whole thing from the venue to the birthday cake, and I love her to death for including us. Because although I’m feeling better these days, planning out-of-town events isn’t exactly something I have the brain power to pull off.

On our way tomorrow, we have to drop off Boomer at the veterinarian for boarding. He’ll be fine. (He is, quite possibly, the most social dog I’ve ever met in my life and the people at our vet’s office are wonderful.) But I’m starting to feel a little clingy about leaving him behind. He still walks me down the hallway from the living room to the bathroom on those days when I’m extra wobbly, his big brown eyes full of concern.

Izzy will be staying at home like cats do when their humans are only gone for a couple of days. I’ll miss her attitude a little. I won’t miss her pushing all my shit off the table. Ha!

I’m also a little worried about my third and final Asiatic lily opening up while we’re in Wisconsin. Dan promises me I won’t miss anything. It’s a little ridiculous, but it has been so much fun watching our flowers and vegetables grow. Last summer I struggled. A lot. This summer I have become slightly (ever so slightly) more tolerant of the heat and am strong enough to help plant flowers, mow the back yard, water the garden, and get a few minutes of sunshine. I’ve been eyeing those lilies every day, because we had no idea they’d come back this year. They have, and they are big and brilliant.

Anyhoo, got some chores to get done before we hit the road tomorrow.

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