Walking Under Willows

Walking Under Willows

After lunch I was itching to do something, so I asked Dan if he’d take me and Boomer to a little man-made pond near our house. On the north side of the water’s edge is a nice commercial area with professional buildings and a few restaurants. On the south side it’s nothing but cornfield. A flat, wide sidewalk encircles the pond, and there are three benches at various points on the perimeter. It’s mostly in the blazing sun, except for a couple of gorgeous willow trees.

I walked the whole thing in 84 °F heat while holding Boomer’s leash. He’s pretty gentle with me, but even his leisurely walking pace is challenging. I managed the walk, stopping at two of the benches for just a few seconds before picking up and carrying on.

The perimeter is about four tenths of a mile according to Google Maps. I managed to maintain my balance for almost the entire walk. I leaned on Dan’s arm only once when Boomer’s change of pace and direction shook my confidence.

When we were done, my face was turning red and splotchy from the heat, and Boomer’s tongue practically dragged on the ground. The sun is intense, and I may have mentioned my extreme intolerance for heat. (I think that’s mostly a result of the brain tumor messing up my body’s autonomic functions.)


I’ve decided we’ll definitely go back. It’s a good distance for me to improve my balance while walking without overdoing it. And I think maybe a picnic under one of those willows would be nice.


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