Because Sometimes SSDI Just Ain’t Enough

Yeah, I take surveys and stuff to make a little extra cash. Don’t judge me. If you want to check it out, or even sign up, you can use my referral link. Just click the image below.

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I’ve also created an Amazon storefront of recommendations for get well gifts particularly for those with cancer or those anticipating an overnight stay in the hospital. It’s roughly based on the wonderful things people gifted me to help me get through my brain surgery, post-hospital recovery, and chemotherapy.

It’s an affiliate storefront, so I make a small commission if you buy something after visiting the link. (Your price doesn’t change though.) The hope is that through this storefront I can earn a little moolah to supplement my SSDI income. So browse the list, share and bookmark the link if you feel like helping out. I plan to make periodic additions and updates.

get well gifts for cancer patients

Emily’s Gifts to Get Well


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