Emily’s Cancer Calendar: July

Emily’s Cancer Calendar: July

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Another month is done! That means that if you’re a Kindle owner and a member of Amazon Prime, you get to pick from some great, FREE First Reads books. Go pick yours, I’ll wait. (I snagged Happy Doomsday.)

OK, back to the calendar summary. July started off really, really strong. I turned my FitDesk pedal resistance to Level 2 on July 5, and then I never looked back. My legs are getting much stronger, I can feel it. I also pulled some 2-pound hand weights out of the closet to work on strengthening my arms and shoulders.

Even though I had 4 days with very sad faces, I managed to pedal for a total 1,091 minutes and 253 miles this month. I might have been inspired by all those dudes riding le Tour and climbing mountains. (We watched the race every morning. It’s tradition for us.) And ♫ Aux Champs Elysées ♫ is still stuck in my head.

When the Tour de France ended on Sunday, I deflated a little and said to Dan, “July is done. It’s already Fall isn’t it?”

And now I see that pumpkin spice everything is eating up my Facebook feed.

Oh well. Welcome to August everyone!

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