Silly me, plans are for healthy people

Silly me, plans are for healthy people

I had big plans for the start of 2019 involving Zentangle videos, regular website content, and editing my manuscript. But on New Year’s Eve I came down with a horrible bug that turned into a pretty serious infection and a diagnosis of sinobronchitis. Plans are for healthy people, not the chronically ill.

In total, about 7 of us that spent the holidays together at my Mom & Dad’s ended up sick. Initially, my plan was to wait it out, because I was less sick of the bacteria swimming around in various parts of my respiratory system than I was of seeing doctors. But then Dan came down with it–and when he could no longer hear, he said, “That’s it, woman. We’re going to Convenient Care.” It was Day 5 for him, day 11 for me.

Because we both had coughs, we were asked to sport those fancy paper masks. I got some pretty potent antibiotics (that are currently tearing up my digestive tract, yay!) and have been taking them since Thursday. I think I am feeling better, but it’s hard to tell. Recovery is not linear.

So that’s 15 days of being sick, which, sadly, is several years shy of my record. But terrible nonetheless.

Anyway, I will get back to posting videos and my #FaceADay stuff on Instagram again. I swear. I just have no idea when, because plans are for healthy people. Hope your 2019 is off to a much better start!

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