Cosmic Doodle Art: Coloring with Alcohol-Based Markers

Cosmic Doodle Art: Coloring with Alcohol-Based Markers

Outer space is beautiful, isn’t it? Today I wanted to take a stab at cosmic doodle art. I used my Bianyo dual-tipped alcohol markers, and a 3-in x 3-in tile to see what I could whip up. I like how this turned out, and drawing it on such a tiny square kept me from getting too overwhelmed. Blinking cursors on a blank page haven’t intimidated me for a long time, but picking up tools to draw always scares me a bit. I’m usually worried I’m about to waste a perfectly good piece of paper.

Before I met Dan, I wasn’t really into much space or science fiction. It’s not that I disliked it, I just wasn’t in the habit of watching it. But after I met Dan, we started watching science fiction a lot. The first show I remember really enjoying was Stargate: Universe. I remember watching a couple of scenes from the observation deck of the Destiny and just thinking to myself how breathtaking it would be to see space from a vantage point like that.

I also watched the Cosmos series with Neil deGrass Tyson and started listening to audio books about space and astrophysics to lull me to sleep each night. Thinking about the vastness of space was a comfort for a lot of reasons, including that it made brain cancer seem so small and insignificant by comparison.

Anyway, from there I became interested in space photography and the art in science fiction and I thought: I want to try drawing something cosmic. And, well, here we are. I hope you enjoy the video.


Want to give it a try? Use my affiliate links to purchase supplies. I’ll make a few cents to support maintaining this site, but you won’t pay anything extra.

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