VIDEO: One Zentangle a Day – Day 32

You guys, I am so excited about today’s video. If you have seen any of the previous videos in this series, you know that I’m an editing n00b. I’m just learning as I go and hoping that with each day comes a little improvement in the quality of my videos.

Some days that just translates into me getting through the editing process a little quicker. Other days, it means trying new music or experimenting with voiceovers. Today, I was playing around in Shotcut and tried two (Yes, TWO!) background audio tracks. One is a lovely little classical number and the second is a forest full of birds chirping and singing. Pairing them resulted in the most soothing, satisfying Zentangle video I’ve produced to date. I want to watch it over and over, which is uncommon for me. Normally I cringe all the way through these things on playback.

Anyway, I don’t know if this will be your cup of tea or not, but I hope it is. Thanks for watching!


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