Zentangle Zendala: Day 33

Zentangle Zendala: Day 33

For Day 33, we’re practicing a Zentangle Zendala, which is Zentangle inspired mandala art. At the request of one of my patrons, I’m slowing things down a bit and offering you what I hope to be a super relaxing and satisfying Zentangle video.

Because this video is real time, it’s a several minutes longer than other other videos I’ve created in this series. But hopefully you’ll find it’s well worth the watch time. If you like it, you can thank my friend Becky for her support and the video suggestion! And remember, if you’re pressed for time, you can always speed up any video by manually changing the playback rate through the YouTube interface. (Click the ‘Settings’ wheel on the bottom of the video and choose the playback speed you prefer.)

I’ve been enjoying creating this series for you guys. Putting these videos online is giving me an opportunity to pick up some new skills in addition to practicing art. For one, I’m learning some very basic video editing skills with Shotcut, but I’m learning the basics of growing a YouTube channel. Starting a channel from scratch helps me appreciate how truly effortless my favorite art YouTubers make this stuff look. There is so much that goes into creating video content, but so much more that goes into marketing, sharing, and optimizing those videos for search. Because if your videos don’t come up in a search, new people can’t find the stuff you worked so hard to create.

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So, having said all that, I hope you’ll consider giving my videos a like on YouTube and subscribing to my channel. Every time you interact with my content, it lets the YouTube algorithms know that people are engaged. And that means they’ll suggest my videos to other people interested in Zentangle art. And *that* means I’ll be able to connect with other fans of the practice.

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