We Survived the Urbana Tornado ICYWW

We Survived the Urbana Tornado ICYWW

So, there was a tornado here in Urbana over Memorial Day weekend (nothing like Mother Nature and Lincoln Financial trying their darndest to make us homeless), and I only recently got a solid WiFi connection again. The twister, more Lincoln Financial bullshit, and the ever-present health problems that complicate my life are why I haven’t been around emilysuess.com or my YouTube channel much lately.

I did manage to post Chapter 2: You’re Wearing That? for patrons last night. So if you sponsor me there, you can read up on my sordid past while I try to sort out my life, upload a video to my channel, and just generally get back to regular updates here on the blog.

(If you’re not a Patreon supporter, you can get access to all my past, present, and future posts for a $1 pledge.)

Who knows, after you read Chapter 2 of my memoir, you just might get an inkling why I had two PTSD-style nightmares last night. Fun times!

Related to publishing my memoir, I’m really struggling to decide how to market this thing. I’ve been scouring the internet to find how other serial memoirists get their work in front of eyeballs, and so far all I’ve learned is that I’m like the only writer out there publishing a memoir this way. There are spaces designated for fiction webserials. But non-fiction? Not so much.

I guess I’ve got my work cut out for me, but that’s pretty much just a perpetual state of being for me.

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