So, there was a tornado here in Urbana over Memorial Day weekend (nothing like Mother Nature and Lincoln Financial trying their darndest to make us homeless), and I only recently got a solid WiFi connection again. The twister, more Lincoln Financial bullshit, and the ever-present health problems that complicate my life are why I haven’t been around or my YouTube channel much lately.

I did manage to post Chapter 2: You’re Wearing That? to Patreon last night. So if you sponsor me there, you can read up on my sordid past while I try to sort out my life, upload a video to my channel, and just generally get back to regular updates here on the blog.

(If you’re not a Patreon supporter, you can get access to all my past, present, and future posts there for a $1 pledge.)

Who knows, after you read Chapter 2 of my memoir, you just might get an inkling why I had two PTSD-style nightmares last night. Fun times!