Introducing Chapter 4: Liar, Liar

It’s the 30th again, and that means there’s a freshly released chapter of Who You Gonna Believe? over on Patreon. Chapter 4 is titled “Liar, Liar”, and this month we reach the part in the story where Rodney, my first husband, confesses to being a compulsive liar. (Yes, of course, he picked after we were married to come clean about that.) I also spill the beans about the night I confronted him for cheating.

Fun times!

Anyway, thanks to my Patrons for supporting this project! Without it, I’d be a right mess. As it is, I already spend way too much time languishing somewhere between “this brain tumor is killing me too fast” and “this brain tumor isn’t killing me fast enough.” (What can I say? Cancer is depressing. Medical bankruptcy doesn’t really help.)

However, knowing that people out there are reading my words gives me a sense of purpose, and I really need that right now. So thank you.

If you’re not a Patron yet but you want to be, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Make a $1 pledge.
  3. Read my memoir.

Every time a new chapter of my memoir is released, you’ll be notified. Plus, you’ll see your name in the spotlight with all those other wonderful people when I post next month.



  1. Adding to my last comment – durationist’s posts and so if there’s a way to let me know like….Friday via Patreon then I’m all in. Unfortunately and I’m being totally honest – I’ll be interrupted like I just was and forced to put down my device – in this case my phone – and lose the text I was in the midst of writing some profound thing or another and then my ADHD kicks me in the head and I go running after my cat – Simon, mommy loves you come here and let mommy brush you! – then, oh my. Where was I?

    1. I hear you! I just found a five-day-old comment I never finished on someone else’s site. It’s hard. I appreciate all the support I get–from donations to comments–and I don’t take any of it for granted.

  2. If cancer didn’t steal my memory and I could be reminded when my disability comes in around the 3rd I’d be happy to support your book. As it is, i think especially with cancer people reading its gotta hit us at the right time and finding each other’s blogs is hard enough! I’m always happy to awkwardly trip over another cancer durationists

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