This post contains affiliate links.

Just a heads up that for the next 7 days, you can read Chapter 1 of Who You Gonna Believe? on Patreon for free. All you have to do is click on this link:

Chapter 1: Triggered

Yes, that’s in addition to the Chapter 2 sneak peek I posted here in June.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. First, I’m hoping that by running the promotion, I will be able to stir up some interest in my memoir writing and find a few new patrons.

You see, at the moment—thanks to Lincoln Financial Group and Dr. Lee Hartner pretending I’m not disabled—I’m $537 short of being able to pay what’s left of my property tax bill. (That’s after draining my Acorns account and the tiny IRA I set up when I was a freelance writer.)

The second installment of $1,993.89 is due to the county tax collector on September 3.

Anyway, I think my writing is decent. And I think there’s a chance more people would want to support me on Patreon if I could just get the sordid details of my life in front of enough supportive eyeballs.

Second, when people read my words, it helps me stave off that nagging, I-have-no-purpose-in-life-anymore depression. Sometimes people even leave me comments on Patreon, and for a whole day or two I’ll be like, “Yes, I am still a writer, dammit!”

Third, the memoir is largely about my ex-husband, and I have some regrets about that divorce. Regrets that I didn’t sue his lying, cheating ass. (He got to lie, cheat, walk away without paying a dime in attorney’s fees, and saddle me with a janky piece of HOA-run property just as the real estate bubble burst because I just wanted OUT.) So earning a little something from my tell-all is a lot like collecting on a debt.

Finally, I’m just desperate to be seen. I want a distraction from poverty and brain cancer for a bit, and the memoir helps me achieve that. Plus, I’m only 3 patrons away from reaching my goal of 25 patrons. And when I do that? I drop the next chapter early.


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