Did you think I wasn’t going to finish the One Zentangle a Day thing? Yeah, me too. Surprise! With Day 39 complete, I only have three days left in the course. I’m going to finish the thing! Let’s explore adding texture to Zentangle patterns.

It’s been a week, though. If you have seen my Twitter feed, you know we are currently sans dishwasher at casa Suess. We bought one back in December from Lowe’s that was promised in-stock when I handed over the credit card and then mysteriously wasn’t in stock on the day it was scheduled to be installed. We found out from the contractor Lowe’s hired to do the installation.

Pissed, we went to a different store. We had to pay more money for the dang thing, but we figured that because it was a local store, we wouldn’t have any issues with service. They delivered and installed our new dishwasher as promised. It was brand new, and it was pretty. Unfortunately, it was also defective. We are scheduled to have it swapped out with a new unit on Thursday.

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Until then, though, we are two disabled people trying to get through life without a dishwasher. I can’t even begin to tell you what a nightmare that is. I also can’t explain why it seems to have complicated every other part of our daily life, but boy has it.

The reason I mention all that is because putting together this video for the One Zentangle a Day series on my YouTube channel was an absolute nightmare. And I guess I’m attributing my struggles to the overwhelming chaos that seems to be connected to us not having a dishwasher. I hope you like this video, but if you don’t it’s the dishwasher’s fault.

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