After spending last week with Mom, daydreaming about these ADA bathroom plans, and waiting out more tornadoes in her basement, she drove me back to Urbana and helped us remove the wood shutters from the exterior of our house.

We have new ones to install to spruce up the place in preparation to sell, and I’ll share the AFTER pictures in a couple of weeks when that exterior work on the house is done. But the picture above is how things looked while removal was in-progress this weekend.

By the way, if you’re local and want free wood shutters, they’re sitting at the end of our driveway. I put a notice up on NextDoor though, so I can’t promise how long they’ll be sitting there. (We just watched Karen from the Indianapolis-based HGTV show Good Bones make head- and footboards out of some she had stashed away. Did I mention they’re free? Just saying.)

Anyway, as promised I created a GoFundMe for the remodel at Mom’s place, and I also tried setting up an integrated donation option here on the website for those who prefer giving through PayPal instead. I think the minimum donation for GoFundMe is $5 and the minimum donation through my website form is $3.

Full disclosure: I’ve never used the WordPress widget linked below, so if you’ve got $3 and want to help me test it out AND get closer to having that ADA-compliant shower installed, get clicking (or tapping or whatever).

UPDATE 1:41pm: I’m having issues getting this out of test mode and connecting it to my PayPal account. It’s broken. Sigh.

UPDATE: 2:13 pm: It wants me to set up a business PayPal account, and I am not a business. So, I’m scrapping the original link and putting in a plain PayPal link. (Continue reading for more options.)

Here are the plans for the bathroom that my brother Ryan put together. Words cannot express how excited I am to take a shower without risking my life. Walking around with a brain tumor in my head is quite enough thrill-seeking adventure for me, thank you very much. I’d like to move on from our current 1963-built nightmare of a tub/shower and step (or roll, when necessary) into a zero-entry shower if it’s all the same to everyone else.

ADA bathroom plans printed out.

Anyway, happy Monday to you. Here’s a list of all the ways you can help out if you are so inclined. Some of them are totally free!

Watch a video on my YouTube channel.

Place your next Amazon order using this referral link.

Give to my GoFundMe campaign.

Give through Paypal.

Make a donation to @EmilySuess on Venmo.

Make a donation to $EmilySuess on CashApp.

Share this (or any of my links) with your friends on social media.

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