It’s National Donut Day, so we celebrated by ordering from Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. I’m a fan of trying their seasonal donut, which at the moment is a cornbread donut. Got to say, it didn’t really appeal to me by name, but for a glazed cake donut, it’s actually pretty tasty. Not over-the-top sweet but definitely sweeter than your typical cornbread.

Just wanted to write briefly to say, “Hooray!” the building permit for renovations at Mom’s was issued by the City of Edwardsville. We’re ready to go.

We’ve also been stuck at $480 in donations for a week, and I’d love to report to Mom when she comes tomorrow afternoon to help with the house in Urbana that we’ve passed $500 in donations.

If you’ve already donated, thanks so much! And if you can’t help us financially (believe me, I totally understand) please consider sharing a link to our GoFundMe by email or on social media — or even on your website! (Just click on the campaign link above and GoFundMe will generate whatever kind of link or HTML code you need when you tap SHARE.)

If you’d like to donate $5 or more today, just click below.

I have no idea what I’ve explained on which platform, so apologies if I’m repeating myself. The project is to remodel the entire basement, including a walkout entry so it’ll have a private entrance. The GoFundMe, however, is just for help with the expenses of putting in an accessible bathroom. (Roll-in, zero-entry shower, handrails, wheel chair accessible vanity, you know the drill.)

The rest of the funds will be paid back to my Mom when we are able to sell the house here in Urbana. And in installments through monthly rent once we’ve moved.

Anyway, if you’ve got questions, leave them in the comments. Hope you have a chance to enjoy a donut for National Donut Day!

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