What Has Two Thumbs?

What Has Two Thumbs?

What has two thumbs and is in a really good headspace today? I’ll give you three guesses.

I don’t know if you can relate, but I’m a little reluctant to announce stuff before it actually happens because…what if it doesn’t, and I just look like an ass? 

Well, I’ve decided today I’m gonna share some good news, however prematurely, because I’m excited and can’t keep it in. I’m attending the online Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training this September!

I promise I’m not going to give you an “I’d like to thank The Academy” speech—I’m not that full of myself…yet—but I would like to acknowledge that it wouldn’t be possible without a lot of people pulling for me. Some who had no idea I even existed a few days ago.

In the interest of privacy, I’m not going to drop names here. But I want to tell you about my Zentangle friend. I’ll call her ZF to make this easier.

ZF isn’t just a fellow enthusiast, she’s a CZT who’s had cancer. When I mention towns most people have never heard of, she says, “I know where that is!” She checks in on me when I’ve been quiet. She encourages me to keep going. She even asks about Izzy, my cat.

When she called to give me the news that I’d be able to attend the training, she reminded me I was loved and to keep going. 

And, if you’ve ever been diagnosed with the big C, you’ll probably appreciate what I’m about to say: encouragement from people who’ve capital-B-capital-T Been There just hits different.

ZF will give others the credit, tell you she didn’t really do anything, that so-and-so* actually made this happen. It’s true that other people could have stopped this train at any point down the line, but she got the thing to depart the station.

So I guess what I want you all to know is this:

My bad days are real, and I will no doubt face more of them. I will blog candidly about them when I need to, but the only way I know they’re bad days is because I have good days to compare them to**. 

And the reason the good days exist is because of the goodness of people. People like my Zentangle friend.

Moral of my story: I believe sometimes paying it forward is simply saying the good stuff out loud. I don’t have money or the greatest health, but I have hope and purpose. Maybe it’ll help someone out there to know one of the reasons why.

*Not their real names either.

**I know so many others have made this point before and have done a better job too. So thanks for indulging me. 

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