Another episode of my definitely very original Shower Thoughts series.

People who always thought of me in terms of what I could do for them sure did crap all the bricks when I thought of them in terms of what they did to me.

The best time to do better is before the memoir.

The brain tumor affects my balance and coordination, not my capacity for rational thought.

It’s exhausting to care how much of what other people have and judge whether or not they deserve it. It’s unpaid emotional labor. I think I’ll not do it.

That headline’s not going to get him what he wants, but I understand how self-delusion leads to shock.

The headline I was thinking about:

Singing: My my my my armor comes from you.

The more I think I know, the less I learn. Which probably explains why I find some people very tedious and mansplaining makes my ears quit working.

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