I don’t have a twin, so I shout “Twinsies!” any time I have something unexpected in common with another human being. My husband’s twin’s wife and I share a birthday. Birthday Twinsies! My online friend and I share a name and chronic pain. Also Twinsies! The owner/operator of Brain Cancer Diaries and I have similar tumors in similar locations. Tumor Twinsies!

You get the idea. Anyway, Rudy, my Tumor Twin, launched a podcast, and the first episode dropped today. It’s a little trippy, and a lot relatable. And the reason I think you should listen to it is so you can understand me a little better. See, there are a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head at any given moment, but I can only write one down at a time.

Somewhere in the middle of Random Redux Review Episode 1, Rudy mentions how none of his past accomplishments are relevant anymore. I’m paraphrasing. But as I was listening I was imagining that gif of Meryl Streep and the hair I used to wash and blow dry everyday before I drove myself to work.

The more bits and pieces you pick up from him, the less energy I expend trying to explain certain things about living with this super annoying brain tumor. So you support his creative endeavors and give me a break at the same time. Because I have a really annoying need to be understood.

I mean, Rudy’s an entirely other person. Arguably more talented and stuff. Basically anything he creates is worthy of consuming (especially that one video episode he did with a very special guest) but this blog is about me. So I have to make this post about me.

Anyway. He didn’t ask me to write this, but you should subscribe to his stuff. So that I can pretend I give back half as much as I get in this life. Because, again, this is all about me.

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