You might be on Medicare and receiving SSDI if you’ve got a daily Rx filled at the pharmacy but you can’t pick it up yet because you’re waiting on a deposit, but also the clock’s ticking before the pharmacy gives up on you and re-shelves it, and it’s “controlled” and refills are a pain in the ass for an extra fuck you. I’m so tired of needing money and meds.

Dan’s meds are fully covered by Medicaid, but they made him go a whole year without the medicine his doctor prescribed and forced his psoriatic arthritis to progress on a different drug he and his doctor knew wouldn’t work to “prove” it wouldn’t work. And I’m in a cranky mood today. Medicaid’s not better, it’s just different.

And before anyone gets all “see the government shouldn’t be involved” on me, his Medicaid Rx coverage and my Medicare part D are managed by private insurance companies. The government just gives them the money I gave the government. Don’t pick a fight with me. Tyvm.

That’s all I got. Welcome to #Crankfest2022.

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